Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (2023)

By Theo Kogod

Six Feet Under revealed a lot about the Fisher family, but some details remained hidden until now. Here are 10 things you never knew about the Fishers

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (1)

Six Feet Under ran for 5 seasons on HBO and was one of the greatest dramas of the 2000s. The sitcom focused on a the Fisher family who ran a funeral home. In the opening episode, the prodigal son Nate Fisher returned home for Christmas and his father was killed while en route to pick him up from the airport. Nate joined the family business with his brother David while their mother Ruth and sister Claire were grieving their loss.


The show's mixture of surrealist humor and character-driven drama explored all the different facets of death, from the grief to the healing nature of itand even finding the humor. But what made the show such a success was its fantastic cast. Here are 10 hidden details about the main characters:



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Ruth's Artistic Streak

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (2)

Ruth Fisher was the repressed neurotic matriarch of the family. She married young and kept having kids late into life. By the timeher husband died at the start of the show, one of her sons was 35 years old, her youngest daughter was in high school, and she showedall the signs of a gaslit olderwoman who'd given up her life for her husband.

Ruth was rarely honest with herself about her emotions. When something troubled her, she usually would comment on needing to clean or address some form of cooking, asserting control over the few parts of her life where she had agency. Interestingly, after her husband's funeral, she made a list of things she wanted to do, including ballet. Her love of cooking and homemaking also seemed to be creative outlets for her.

Nate Loves Bikes

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (3)

Nate had a bike in high school that gotdemolished. In a weird moment of foreshadowing, Ruth mentioned to her husband Nathaniel Sr. that Nate Jr. has spent life with a pin in his foot from an accident driving the motorcycle he had in school. Moments later, Nathaniel Sr. totaled his new hearse, only unlike Nate, instead of just a hurt foothe gota new coffin.

Later in the secondseason, there was a biker funeral at Fisher & Sons. The old lady of the biker who had died gave her late husband's motorcycle to Nate Jr. as a gift.

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Brenda's Spirituality

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (4)

Brenda met Nate in the first episode and the two hit it off immediately, hooking up in an airport closet before they even exchanged names. That Nate and her worked out as well as they did was nothing short of remarkable. She was absolutely brilliant as a child, but had a cynical streak as an adult.

Despite claiming to be an atheist--and adamantly defending this stance--Brenda had a spiritual side. She worked in alternative medicine doing shiatsu (a Japanese practice rooted in Chinesemedicine), while she also could quote the Baghavad Gita from memory.

Rico's Bigotry

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (5)

Federico was a worker at Fisher & Sons who was one of the most talented restorative artists in the whole California funerary business industry. He was driven by hispassion for his profession, treating his work as a personal creativecalling.

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One less than likable trait he demonstrated was his excess of bigotry. Federico's homophobia led him to telling David (who was both gay and his boss) that men don't talk about being gay. He grew as the series went on, but toxic views about masculinity and homophobia were regular parts of his character.

David Likes Men In Uniform

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (6)

When the series began, David Fisher was still in the closet, though he was in a relationship with a cop named Keith. Eventually, David introduced Keith to the family. The two split for a while before getting back together for good. During this period apart, David tried dating other people, but he clearly had a type.

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Though David never fetishized Keith, he expressed interest in attending a meeting of gay police and firefighters. He also rented adult videos with Keith that featured men inuniform. David knew what he liked, and luckily, got to settle down with that sort of man.

Keith's Insecurity

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (7)

Keith struggled to balance his sensitive side with his perceptions of how a man should act. As a cop, he often demonstrated how tough he was, though eventually he developed anger management issues that resulted in him being terminated for excessive force. However, he was just as insecure about being perceived as too tough and not being able to express his sensitivity.

Before David came out, Claire figured out that Keith was David's boyfriend and they had a one-on-one chat. Keith confessed that David saw him for who he was, something rare in his dating life. Several times throughout the show, Keith also demonstrated feeling disconnected from aspects of gay culture.

Claire's Queer Side

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (8)

As the youngest member of the family, much of Claire's arc involved her growing up as she rejected the typical superficiality of high school to pursue art, drugs, and self-discovery. She was the creative genius of the family, being the only one who actually pursued art as a career. She also was the character most willing to explore her sexuality.

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To be clear, Claire almost certainly identified as straight. However, at least two of her romantic partners were somewhere on the queer spectrum, while Claire herself expressedhaving romantic chemistry with her female friend Parker.

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Aunt Sarah's PoetFriend

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (9)

Ruth's sister Sarah was passionate about art. She also confessed to feeling heartbroken about having no artistic talent while surrounding herself with incredibly talented creative people. In keeping withart asthe unifying factor connecting the show's other themes oflife, sex, and death, Sarahfound fulfillment in the community of artists she built.

During the episode "Back to the Garden," Sarah held a party with some of her friends to commemorate the slam poet AllenGinsberg and his poem "Howl." She confessed to having brieflyroomed with Ginsberg for a while in Germany and that he was a dear friend of hers.

Nathaniel Fisher's Charitable Side

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (10)

Nathaniel Fisher Sr. was a mystery to his family. His death was the seminal event that kickstarted the whole series but all of his kids lamentedbarely knowing him, often expressing surprise upon hearing almost any fact about his life.

His son Nate Jr. eventually learned that the older Nathaniel had accepted various forms of payment for funerals beyond just cash. One man who couldn't afford it was an auto mechanic who paid with unlimited oil changes. Another woman served as his dealer. Nathaniel helped the community, caring more about meeting the needs of others than making a buck.

Nate Is Non-Monogamous

Six Feet Under: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters (11)
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Nate spent the whole series fighting to find his place. He struggled between doing what he thought was expected of him and doing what made him happy. Interestingly, he seemed to be non-monogamous (not that he would ever use the word to describe himself).

While several people in the show had affairs or were swingers, the only times he ever condemned anyone for this was when Brenda cheated on him--something he later forgave. He also cheated on her and often slept around, being unable to settle with one person. While he wasn't ethical or honest in his romantic pursuits, he definitely was all abouthavinganon-monogamous lifestyle.

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Who is the main character in Six Feet Under? ›

What happens to the characters in Six Feet Under? ›

Ruth dies “peacefully” in a hospital surrounded by her family, David dies of an apparent heart attack at a family picnic. In both cases they also see someone they loved (son and lover respectively) waiting for them. Federico's death occurs while on a vacation with his wife on what appears to be a luxury cruise line.

Is Maya Nate's daughter? ›

Maya Fisher is the older daughter of Nate Fisher, born following a one-night stand with old friend Lisa Kimmel.

Who is Nate's girlfriend in Six Feet Under? ›

Brenda Chenowith. Brenda Chenowith (1969–2051), played by Rachel Griffiths, is Nate's girlfriend and, later, wife. Her parents are wealthy psychiatrists who were in an open marriage, flaunting their activities in front of their children. As a child, she was under the scrutiny of Dr.

Who is Claire's boyfriend in Six Feet Under? ›

Gabriel 'Gabe' Dimas is a character from Six Feet Under. He is portrayed by Eric Balfour. Gabe is Claire Fisher's boyfriend during their senior year of high school.

What is the relationship between Brenda and Billy? ›

Billy Chenowith is a recurring character who is the son of Bernard Chenowith and Margaret Chenowith and the younger brother of Brenda Chenowith.

What is the plot summary of Six Feet Under? ›

Many of us know the plot premise: Six Feet Under follows the lives of the Fisher family, who live in and run a funeral home, and who are thrown into disarray by the sudden death of family patriarch, Nathaniel. There are many issues we don't deal with well, as individuals and as a society.

What is the saddest death in Six Feet Under? ›

Setting the show's theme of death in motion is the most prominent passing of the series – Nathaniel Fisher Sr. (Richard Jenkins). The patriarch of the family is taken out by a bus whilst driving the family business hearse on Christmas Eve.

How does six characters end? ›

At the end of the play, while attempting to enact another scene from the lives of the Six Characters, the Sister drowns herself and the little Boy shoots himself. The actors are convinced it is all illusion, but the Father tells them it is real.

Why did Nate and Brenda break up? ›

Nate confessed this to Brenda, but his guilt quickly turned to anger when he discovered that Brenda had had several infidelities that she'd concealed from him. They split up and Brenda subsequently left town.

Does Nate have a daughter? ›

1. He Has a Daughter. “Can't call me lucky when it's clear that I'm blessed,” he captioned a sweet snap with his daughter, whose name appears to be Mila.

How did Nate know Maya? ›

Nate St. Germain comes to town in "Birds of a Feather" and says he's Maya's cousin. It is later revealed that his real name is Lyndon James and he was Maya's stalker from True North. The knife Maya had in her possession bore his initials on it.

Who does Nate end up? ›

By the end of the series Nate has realised that he loves both Blair, his on/off girlfriend and her best friend Serena. At the end of the twelfth book he sails around the world with a friend of his father to avoid getting in between Blair and Serena.

Does Nate sleep with Jenny? ›

In I Will Always Love You, Jenny eventually reunites with and loses her virginity to Nate, and they date seriously for a while until Jenny pursues Blair's younger brother, Tyler Waldorf. At the end of the series, Nate tries to confess his love for either Blair or Serena.

How many girlfriends has Nate had? ›

Nate Wright has had 5 ex-girlfriends (6 if you count Abby Wilson.) Though, Ruby Dinsmore's status with Nate is unknown, as she has only been seen in Big Nate Blasts Off, which was released in 2016.

Is Jonas Claire's son? ›

This special Twelve is Jonas, son to the Nurturer who's been caring for Claire's boy. That's when fans of The Giver will realize that Claire's son is actually named Gabe.

Who is Claire's son? ›

Claire also learns the Nurturer has a boy named Jonas who will soon be going through the Selection Ceremony. At 12, all children are given their occupations in the Community. After the Ceremony, Claire is told that a boy named Jonas was not given his Assignment. Instead, he was selected.

Does Claire get pregnant in Six Feet Under? ›

Claire, a 19 year old art school student and member of a mortician's family, methodically and with little drama (and no overtones or undercurrent) has her older brother's ex-girlfriend Brenda drive her to get an abortion after discovering she is pregnant with her skeevy ex boyfriend's baby.

Did Brenda and Fritz divorce? ›

She is still married to Fritz and appears to have remained in Los Angeles rather than taking the Washington, DC job. Following Stroh's death at the hands of Rusty Beck at the end of Major Crimes, Brenda is mentioned by Fritz to be having a hard time processing the news that her greatest nemesis is truly gone.

Did Fritz and Brenda get divorced on major crimes? ›

He also now hides a heart attack from his wife and his need for a pacemaker. Dialogue in later episodes shows that the two remain married and that Brenda remained in Los Angeles with Fritz.

Does Brenda get pregnant on the closer? ›

But I have to say I'm disappointed (though my feelings are mixed) that Brenda didn't get pregnant in this last episode. The transition from death to life, as she loses her mother & her career, would have been perfect.

What happens to the mom in Six Feet Under? ›

Ruth dies in 2025 of old age at a hospital with George and her surviving children at her bedside.

What is the message of Six Feet Under? ›

Also, in a novel move, Nate Fisher (Peter Krause) — arguably the main protagonist of the series — actually dies before the last episode. The compelling, and unsettling, point that Six Feet Under makes is that death can happen to anyone, at any time.

Who does David marry in Six Feet Under? ›

After the series ends, David teaches Durrell how to embalm, and he eventually joins the family business in his adulthood. In 2009, Keith and David are legally married, and remain together until Keith's murder (while on a job) in 2029.

Was Maggie pregnant at the end of Six Feet Under? ›

In the series finale, Maggie is in the waiting room of a physician when Ruth calls her to ask about Nate in his final moments. This has led to speculation by some that she might have been pregnant by Nate at the time, and visiting the doctor for a checkup or an abortion, but this is not the case.

What is the green burial in Six Feet Under? ›

In the hours following Nate's death from a brain hemorrhage, David copes with his pain by planning his brother's funeral. He explains to Brenda and Ruth that Nate wanted a green funeral with no embalming or casket, just burial in a plot of land that's protected by a nature preserve.

Who is the serial killers daughter in Six Feet Under? ›

In Texas, the murderer of women Carl Demond Williman is executed through a lethal injection. His daughter Allison Williman, who lost her job in a car dealer, hires the Fisher & Diaz services and has one night stand with Nate. Brenda calls Nate, but he never answers her calls.

What is the plot of six characters? ›

Plot Summary. Six Characters in Search of an Author is a 1921 play by the Italian writer Luigi Pirandello. The drama centers on six characters who interrupt a play rehearsal to ask the Producer to complete their story, claiming their author never finished the play for which he created them.

What is the meaning of 6 characters? ›

6 characters is about 1 sentence.

A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

What word does the father say is particularly painful to the characters? ›

The Father (irritated): The illusion! For Heaven's sake, don't say illusion. Please don't use that word, which is particularly painful for us..

Who slept with Nate? ›

In the television adaptation, Serena is the reason Nate and Blair break up; Serena and Nate slept together at the Sheppard wedding during their sophomore year before the start of Season 1 as juniors.

When did Nate sleep with Lisa? ›

At the beginning of Season Three, Nate runs into Lisa at a grocery store in LA. She says she is in town for work and reveals that she is five months pregnant. It is revealed that she and Nate slept together the night he was in Seattle and she became pregnant with his child.

Who did Maddie cheat on Nate with? ›

Before the events that transpired in the first episode of season 1, Nate and Maddy had broken up. After she slept with Tyler in the pool at a party, the teens got back together.

Who is Nate's sibling? ›

Nate's Brother Is Ashtray

In episode 1 of Euphoria, season 2 it was revealed Ash and Fez were not biologically related but were both raised by Fez's grandmother (Kathrine Narducci). Ash had been dropped off at her home and his mother and father never returned to collect him.

Did Nate get someone pregnant? ›

Renee had seen Nathan before at other Basketball parties. Later, she went to another party and saw him the night afterwards passed out drunk. At the same party, she became pregnant after a one-night stand.

Who is Nate's sister? ›

First Appearance

Ellen Wright is a major character of the Paramount+ series "Big Nate" and is the older sister of Nate and the daughter of Martin.

What was Maya hiding from Emily? ›

She had a secret website called that was revealed in "Crazy". It was also Maya's personal blog. Maya had a letter for Emily indicating she wanted to show her something. Emily didn't receive the later until months after Maya's death.

What did Nate tell his dad? ›

Nate reveals to Cal that when he was 11 years old, he found his dad's sex tapes, which traumatized him and left him with disturbing nightmares.

Is Melissa The Black Swan? ›

In the episode "Birds of a Feather", it is revealed that Melissa is the Black Swan and that the night of the Masquerade Ball she received a note, blackmailing her to wear the costume to the ball. The note also said that she had to distract Jenna, which is why the Black Swan was talking to Jenna.

Who does David end up with Six Feet Under? ›

By the show's end, he reconciles his religious beliefs, personal goals, and homosexuality, and he and Keith settle down. They adopt two children: eight-year-old Anthony and 12-year-old Durrell.

What is Claire's personality in Six Feet Under? ›

Personality… sarcastic and melancholy. Although she constantly admonishes her friends and family, she can also be kind, sweet and supportive when her loved ones are in need.

Who is Claire's girlfriend Six Feet Under? ›

Edie is a free-spirited lesbian artist who briefly becomes romantically involved with Claire Fisher until she becomes bored with the latter's sexual ambivalence and they split up.
Portrayed by:Mena Suvari
First appearance:"In Case of Rapture"
Last appearance:"The Black Forest"
4 more rows

What happens to Nate in 6 Feet Under? ›

In the hours following Nate's death from a brain hemorrhage, David copes with his pain by planning his brother's funeral. He explains to Brenda and Ruth that Nate wanted a green funeral with no embalming or casket, just burial in a plot of land that's protected by a nature preserve.

Does Claire have a baby in Six Feet Under? ›

David's children are adopted, but eventually see him as their true father; a shelter from the storm of life. Claire never has children; she once again has to break the patterns her brothers set out for her and forge her own path.

How did the truck stop killer get caught? ›

His murder spree was finally stopped in April 1990 when an Arizona state trooper arrested Rhoades after he discovered a terrified woman chained in the back of his semi-truck cab.

Who is the happy face killer's daughter? ›

Melissa Moore is the daughter of serial murderer Keith Jesperson, known as the "Happy Face Killer."

Which serial killer was turned in by his daughter? ›

In 2018 Investigation Discovery broadcast an episode titled My Father, the Serial Killer which tells the story of how Edwards' daughter realized her father had committed the so-called "Sweetheart Murders" and tipped off authorities, leading to his arrest and conviction.

Is David In Love With Michal? ›

The fact that the Bible reports that “Michal loved David” (the only place in the Hebrew Bible where it is stated that a woman loves a man), but not that he loves her, suggests he does not. After he flees Saul's court, David has two secret meetings with Jonathan, but none with Michal.

Does David have sister? ›

Did David marry many wives? ›

He commits adultery with Bathsheba and arranges the death of her husband, Uriah the Hittite. David's son Absalom later tries to overthrow him, but David returns to Jerusalem after Absalom's death to continue his reign.
David דָּוִד‎
Consort8 wives: Michal Ahinoam Abigail Maachah Haggith Abital Eglah Bathsheba
12 more rows

Are Claire's parents divorced? ›

Regina's parents are separated, but still together, while Claire's parents are on the verge of divorce, and only use her to retort back at each other. Unlike Regina, however, Claire is less privileged than Regina.

What is Nate Fisher's personality? ›

Personality. Nate is something of a misanthrope. Once you get to know him, he's sarcastic and funny. Nate loves stories (that's why he writes his own) and is something of a procrastinator.

Do Claire and Russell get together? ›

Claire initially suspects that he is gay but he insists that he is not and they date briefly. However, he sleeps with their art teacher Olivier Castro-Staal, which leads to Claire breaking up with him.


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