Best Time to Visit Paris: The Definitive Guide (2023) (2023)

The best time to visit Paris is between April and June, and between September to November. During these 2 periods the weather is either warm and the city full of green everywhere, or for the second period the city becomes orange and gets a romantic autumny vibe. These 2 periods are the best time to visit Paris because the city is less crowded by tourists than during the summer, and the locals are usually there (they didn’t go to vacancies yet) so you will live a more authentic and more pleasant experience.

Read on for more details and more information.

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Best Time to Go to Paris: the Definitive Guide

Paris is the Mecca of travelers. Without a doubt, the French capital has been on the list of the most visited travel destinations forever.

And why wouldn’t it be?

Paris offers enthralling aesthetics, riveting romance, breathing history, delicious pastries, gorgeous bridges. In a nutshell, Paris has every ingredient that makes it the dream destination spot for all!

Paris has an impression of being occupied with an air of romance, romanticized with the intoxicating fragrance of gourmet food wafting from every street. It may or may not have something to do with being the most customary backdrop in rom-coms and drama films. Midnight in Paris, The Devil wears Prada, Amelie, and plenty of other films have embedded an idealistic view of Paris in the minds of people.

Paris is revered as a place to learn history, appreciate art, be in love, feast on delicacies, or all of the above. And it is true!

Paris lives up to the hype.

The city of love offers tourists avenues to flaunt their love or to intimately celebrate it. Fraught with quaint restaurants and cafes, awash in the aroma of fresh pastries, Paris appeases gourmet connoisseurs from all around the world. The adventurers, shopaholics, art lovers, and history-seeking individuals love to visit the city of lights to enlighten their souls.

But deciding on a season to visit Paris can get a bit tricky.

Some might want to breathe in the crowded space of Paris and some might wish to explore the city in peace without the boisterous crowds.

How can a person decide what is the best time of the year to visit Paris? What is the best month to visit Paris?

I will answer these questions in this extensive guide: The Best Time To Travel To Paris.

Let’s start!

Travel Seasons in Paris

1. High Season in Paris

June through mid September / mid-to-late December

Summer months in Paris bring an avalanche of tourists to Paris. When schools are off and the weather in the city is pleasantly humid, people love to crowd the space.

The next installment of the high season comes in December. When the traveling bug takes over travelers in view of the upcoming festival season, Paris gets swarmed with tourists.

High season entails peak airfare, high hotel rates, and long queues outsides famous attractions. If you plan to visit Paris during the high season to experience the rush of activity then make sure to book your tickets way ahead of time.

2. Low Season in Paris

January through March

This is by far the best time to visit Paris to avoid crowds! And is also the cheapest season to visit Paris in.

The starting months of the year in Paris do not see a lot of tourist action. And that is mostly because of the unpleasant weather and the start of the new academic year.

The weather in Paris at the start of the year is chilly and harsh, which discourages travelers from boarding a plane to Paris.

But for someone who wants to revel in the elegance of Paris in solitude, then low season is the perfect time for them to visit. Good air deals, reasonable hotel rates, smaller crowds and shorter lines outside attractions are some of the perks of the low season.

3. Shoulder Season

April through May / mid September through November

Even though Paris is frequented by travelers all year around, some seasons bring in more visitors than others. The rosy aura of Paris is ideal to enjoy in this season.

The pleasant atmosphere in spring and fall makes Paris desirable for people who are not comfortable with large crowds. Shoulder season is your best bet if you’re one of those shy souls.

Thin crowds and affordable deals make this season convenient to travel in.

Best Season to Visit Paris: Weather Guide

1. Spring in Paris

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Spring is the best season to visit Paris. The most romantic season of all enhances the rosy ambience of the city of romance. Beautiful colors shade the entire city, making it the perfect spot to kindle love. Thin crowds of people populate the city in spring.

Festivities start to simmer in spring due to the approaching onset of Easter. Some music festivals might also pop up during this season for travelers to attend.

2. Summer in Paris

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The season of peak tourist activity in Paris is summer. The comfortable weather attracts millions from across the globe to grace the city. Summer holidays also add to the number of tourists that arrive in Paris during this time.

The city of lights is densely crowded during summer and enthusiasts have to wait in long queues to see monumental exhibits. Some museums even put out exclusive items for the public.

3. Autumn in Paris

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Autumn might also be the best season to visit Paris for the romantic kind of people.

Autumn brings cool breeze that nips at the foliage and returns it to the soil. It contrasts the warm ambience of the city, making the atmosphere delightful for romantic strolls and coffee dates.

Souls seeking serenity make their way to Paris in autumn to uplift their hearts. It’s the best time to explore cemeteries and wine harvesting.

Paris in autumn creates a homey, comfortable environment drenched in warmth.

4. Winter in Paris

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The time of the year that brings icy gales to the city of love!

Winter is frosty in Paris. Unpleasant haze and rain take over the city, making it the best time for decadent hot chocolate and warm French pastries. Parisians also like to gorge on cheese and wine in winter.

Even though the harsh weather turns away most of the travelers, but New Year under glittering skyline of Paris is still a magical experience.

Winter comes with discounted rates to make your travel plans to Paris more feasible.

Best Time to Visit Paris: a Month by Month Guide

Paris in January

🌡️ Average Temperature: 7°C to 3°C

With the remaining traces of the holiday season, January slows down the pace of Paris. With fading festivities, serenity starts to envelope the city. But it also brings mind numbing sales for tourists to take advantage of.

From luxury brands to tiny boutiques, every retail outlet in the city is plastered with sale posters. Unleash your inner shopaholic in this month if you plan to visit Paris.

Interesting festivals also adorn the life in the city during January. The streets of Paris echo with the roaring noises of unique cars during the Festival of Traversee de Paris. Men’s fashion industry is also celebrated with the Paris Fashion Week Men’s.

The temperature stays chilly, perfect for a hot cup of french chocolat chaud.

Events in Paris during January

  • Paris Fashion Week
  • Festival du Merveilleux (The Festival of Marvels)
  • Paris Winter Sales
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Paris in February

🌡️ Average Temperature: 8°C to 4°C

Celebrate love in the city of love on Valentine’s Day. February offers you the most romantic settings to cherish love in Paris. You can indulge in the sultry chocolate decadence of the Choco-story Paris (Musee de Chocolat) or glide on water in whimsical cruises.

February also brings the colorful costume parade with Carnaval de Paris. It’s a flamboyant festival buzzing with participants in gaudy costumes.

Enjoy the contrast of grey skies and colorful festivals in the city of love during the month of love.

Events in Paris during February

  • Paris Winter Sales
  • Paris Concerts Season
  • Winter Circus
  • Chinese New Year
  • Paris Carnaval
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Paris in March

🌡️ Average Temperature: 12°C to 5°C

One of the busiest months of the year in Paris is March. It may not see a lot of tourists but holds plenty of festivals. Carnaval des Femme celebrates women by partying from dawn to dusk. The semiannual flea market festival also take place in March.

A 10-day festival of classical music, Orchestres en Fete, is also held in this month. And if Paris doesn’t celebrate art then who would? The month of March also brings the Art Paris Art Fair hosted by the Grand Palais. It showcases exhibits of contemporary art from over 140 galleries from all around the world.

March is famous for its heavy rainfall. Parisians use the phrase “Il pleut de cordes” to describe the incessant downpour of water. The famous phrase translates to “it’s raining ropes” which signifies the frequency of water droplets that make it seem like long ropes of water are stretched out from the ground to the sky 🙂

Sometimes it might even snow in March, so make sure to be prepared for the fluctuating month.

Events in Paris during March

  • Equestrian events
  • Paris Half Marathon
  • The Color Run Paris
  • Orchestres en Fête
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Paris in April

🌡️ Average Temperature: 16°C to 7°C

April can be denoted as the most magical month in Paris. The energy of Easter starts coursing through the alleys and streets of the city.

Many Easter related events and markets are held up around the Notre Dame Cathedral. The ambrosial sanctuary of the Notre Dame Cathedral celebrates Easter Sunday by having a catholic service. Christian chants in French ricochet off the walls of the church. The service is a magical affair for everyone.

In honor of Easter, multi course meals are offered to carry the spirit of the festival. You get to enjoy scrumptious meals in the waning cold.

Events in Paris during April

  • Musical Fountains Show at the Palace of Versailles
  • Paris Marathon
  • Galloping Sundays
  • Foire du Trône
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Paris in May

🌡️ Average Temperature: 19°C to 11°C

The season of colors and saccharine scents in the City of Love is May. May is without a doubt one of the best time to visit Paris!

Flowers sprout from every nook and canny of the city. Plants in parks and gardens sway with warm breeze as the city prepares to welcome the upcoming tourist season.

May holds two major festivals in Paris. The annual Paris Ukulele festival and the Jazz à Saint Germaine des-Pres festival are held in this month that celebrate and promote music.

Art lover are delighted by the Nuits des Musées festival which keeps more than 100 museums open even after closing hours and offer free visits on the day of the festival. Special exhibits are also displayed to treat the art fans.

Events in Paris during May

  • Foire de Paris
  • Le Printemps des Rues (Street Art Festival)
  • European Museum Night
  • Roland Garros – French Open Tennis Tournament
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Paris in June

🌡️ Average Temperature: 22°C to 14°C

Enjoy the blissful summer of Paris in June.

Wear flimsy dresses and slurp icy drinks on a terrace or beach. Or soak in the golden sunshine of Paris in June. A host of festivals also enhance the glory of summer in the city.

From live music festivals to environmental friendly carnivals, this month offers a wide range of festivities. Almost 37 years old annual jazz festival, Fete de la Musique, and the We Love Green festival take place in June.

It also offers a plethora of sales to go on a massive shopping spree. Get ready to carry ample of shopping bags.

Events in Paris during June

  • Paris Summer Sales
  • Fete des Tuileries
  • Roland Garros – French Open Tennis Tournament
  • We Love Green Festival
  • Fete de la Musique (Free outdoors festivals and concerts)
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Paris in July

🌡️ Average Temperature: 26°C to 16°C

This month is extremely important for Parisians and all the French citizens. As it reminds people of the storming of Bastille and the start of French Revolution by organizing a massive festival on July 14.

A large parade plods down the Champ-Elysee with a series of firemen’s balls concerts and sparkling fireworks above the Eiffel Tower. People enjoy local cuisine at several stalls and kiosks.

July also marks the start of Fete des Tuileries. An amusing festival held at the Tuileries garden where more than 60 rides and attractions are set up.

Events in Paris during July

  • Tour de France
  • Paris Summer Sales
  • Fountains Night Show at the Palace of Versailles
  • Fete des Tuileries
  • Japan Expo
  • Paris Jazz Festival
  • Bastille Day

Paris in August

🌡️ Average Temperature: 25°C to 16°C

The best month to enjoy beaches and water sports in Paris is the month of August. The temperature goes to its highest point, covering the city in bright sunlight.

People bath in the sun and laze around at the beach the most during this month. As it’s a busy time, people tend to look for secluded spots such as Rene Vivani Square that shows the beautiful skyline of Paris.

Sales touch their peak in August as the prices hit rock bottom. This month is a treat for crazy shopaholics.

Events in Paris during August

  • Rock en Seine Festival
  • Open Air Cinema
  • Paris Plages
  • Summer festivities on the Canal de l’Ourcq
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Paris in September

🌡️ Average Temperature: 21°C to 13°C

Temperature starts to drop in September. Skies begin to get dull which makes traveling relatively convenient than in summer.

The annual Jazz à la Villette is held in September, which is the most awaited festival of autumn ever since its revival in 2002.

September also brings elite art to the masses through its Opera Plein Air. It presents plays for the entire community to appreciate. Paris Design Week also adorns the city this month. PDW drowns the city in promenades, parties, cocktails, exhibitions and installations.

Events in Paris during September

  • European Heritage Days – Visit Paris Museums during this period
  • Paris Design Week
  • “La Parisienne” Women Only Race
  • Paris-Versailles Race, from Eiffel Tower to Chateau de Versailles

Paris in October

🌡️ Average Temperature: 17°C to 9°C

The best season to have lattes in Paris is the month of October!

Although a lot of summer activities start to wrap up in this month but a whole lot of new things kick off. For chocoholics, chocolate shows are held which relish the natural goodness of chocolate. Le Salon du Chocolat offers chocolate lovers to collect exotic chocolate masterpieces.

By the end of the month, preparations for Halloween start, bringing excitement along with it.

Events in Paris during October

  • Comic Con Paris
  • Nuit Blanche in Paris
  • Paris Contemporary Art Show
  • FIAC, International Contemporary Art Fair
  • Paris Chocolate Fair
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Paris in November

🌡️ Average Temperature: 12°C to 6°C

Cheap flights, festivals and exquisite wines are the main offerings of October in Paris.

The month starts with the Pitch fork music festival that is held at La Grande Halle de La Villette. This is followed by the colorful celebration of Armistice Day on 11th November, which marks the day when the Armistice was signed during World War One to fascinate the public.

Events in Paris during November

  • Paris Photography Fair
  • Book fair for children and young people
  • Africolor Music Festival
  • Armistice Day
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Paris in December

🌡️ Average Temperature: 7°C to 3°C

December is the month of never ending activities in Paris. With Christmas and New Year approaching, everyone is in a festive mood as the city is lit up by bright lights.

Delicious delicacies are abundantly offered during the month of December. While stalls and stores put out souvenirs and gifts for travelers to buy.

The Christmas lights on Champ-Elysee glow brighter than the sun, illuminating the city and providing the perfect backdrop for pictures.

Events in Paris during December

  • Christmas markets in Paris
  • New Year’s Eve in Paris on Avenue des Champs-Elysées
  • Salon du cheval de Paris
  • Kiev National Opera Ballet – Swan Lake
  • Ice Skating at the Champs-Elysées, at Grand Palais, on top of Galeries Lafayette, and everywhere in Paris


Paris is an excessively frequented travel destination. Deciding on when to visit the city depends highly on personal preference and personality of the traveler.

However, some seasons are still preferred to visit Paris in than others.

Also check out the guides on How Long to Stay in Paris and How much money you should take to Paris have a complete planning in your head before you book your plane tickets and hotels rooms.


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